Tehachapi  1970 - 2001

Usually, the sections of Somewhere West have a theme.  It might be location or operations or time period.  I have not spent enough time on Tehachapi to develop an extensive collection of either pictures or railfan information.  So....  Some stuff from the early 70's, spring 1999 and May 2001..  Hope the pictures stand on their own.
1970's stuff:  In the early 70's the loop may have been as well know as it is now, but there were a lot less folks there than there seem to be now.  It is always interesting to see the Southern Pacific when engines were generally clean and merger was not being considered with anybody.
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29 years later, I found myself back at Tehachapi.  We had 3 days and covered a lot of ground.  In the end, however, who can avoid going back to the loop and the area below the loop at the Woodford siding.  The SP units don't look too different - just a bit dirtier!  Even with lots of people, it is a great place to visit!
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The old trainorder office at Bealville is shown on the left of the first picture.  You can see the same crossing and the same tree in the next photo, which features an SP (UP) beet train.  The last shot is a bit further east at tunnel 3.

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the train below at Caliente  
  West of Bealville, the rails leave roads behind and go into the curves that follow Tunnel 2.  The walk is worth it.
Tunnel 5 is one of those places you can't just drive up to.  A bit of walking will give you a famous location that is worth the walk.  In the last picture, the SP units have just passed the Tehachapi Railcam.
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between tunnels 5 and 3
The train formerly known as Santa Fe 199 is seen in two photos taken at Caliente.  The last pictures are at Tunnel 2.
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