The Western Pacific Collection

 The F units  

It is hard not to get fascinated with WP's F units.  When I was photographing them, they were nearing the end of their days.  It was still possible, however, to see pure sets of 6 units as God and General Motors intended. 

West of Oroville       Silver Orange and Green Units

WB just out of Oroville 913AOroville.jpg (107560 bytes) James 913A+5James.jpg (149621 bytes)
The Keddie Wye is the signature location for the Western Pacific.  This collection of Fs was photographed in the very early 1970s 301Dkeddie.jpg (105885 bytes) 918AKeddie.jpg (128798 bytes)
Note the old outside braced caboose 920AKeddie.jpg (99891 bytes)
The two pictures to the right were not take by me.  I traded them to a fellow who worked at Berkeley Hardware, just off the University of California campus, in 1970.  They are taken during the final year of the California Zephyr's operation czkeddie.jpg (140521 bytes) CZFsChilcoot-a.jpg (137093 bytes)
The "Highline" connected the WP with the Great Northern at Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Along with the Oregon Trunk coming south from the Columbia River Gorge, it formed the Inside Gateway which was always looked upon by the owning railroads as a challenge to SP's route to Oregon.  The photos below illustrate Fs working on the highline.
920Dplow.jpg (72191 bytes) 920Dtunnel6.jpg (108615 bytes) 920D, shown here, was wrecked while working on the Highline.  The wreck photo is at Stockton  920Dwreck.jpg (88290 bytes)
CrescentMillsF.jpg (125665 bytes) Solid Fs at Crescent Mills between Keddie and Greenville
Bieber was the junction point with the Great Northern. 805ABieber.jpg (70239 bytes) 921DBieber.jpg (71053 bytes) FtoKfalls.jpg (59970 bytes)