Updated: 27 January 2014



Don Winslow's High Quality Rail Photos.  A changing selection of excellent quality rail photos of Western subjects.  Check often!
Werner Meer's Cajon Website  An excellent collection of contemporary photos and information on Cajon Pass.  Good research and great photo input from local railfans including the fine folks that take care of hill 582
Mountain West Rail.  Paul Birkholz's excellent page shows you stuff as it happens.  Focus is on the Rockies.
Railroad Crossings.  Brett Wirick's ever growing collection of Western Rail photos.  Excellent guides to places like Daggett, Las Vegas, Tehachapi and Arizona locations are a great help - even if you have been there before.   Check this site often.
Dogcaught: A Railroad Blog  First entry from the Blogosphere on the somewherewest links page.  Aaron  Hockley's Blog has some darn good photos and is fun to read.  If you like railroading in the Great Pacific Northwest, check it out.
Northwest Trains.  As the title suggests, excellent photos covering 4 decades of railroads in the Pacific Northwest. Updated frequently.  Comprehensive coverage of the Columbia River Gorge
RailroadForums. com - a great place to post and see the work of others.  Few flamers!
Don's Darkroom-Railroad Photography.  Don Bowen's really excellent photo pages.  Southern California is the featured area.  Good stuff!
LunarLight Photography - Railroad Images  Superb Images by Kit Courter
Railblazer.  DRGW from the locomotive and other great places.



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