Photo Scrapbook

Usually, the sections of Somewherewest have a theme.  These otherwise homeless photos are ones I think are worth showing.


Cheyenne 1975

SDP40Fs  were first brand new locomotive units bought by Amtrak for passenger service.

      Amtrak's decision to buy modern power came from the notion that the locomotives could be converted into freight engines should Amtrak fail. Amtrak gave the nod to EMD, although GE had produced the U30CG. The specifications given to EMD were to produce a locomotive similar in outward appearance to the FP45, however would have the interior components of the SD40-2. Amtrak also opted for the more economical 16-cylinder engine instead of the 20-cylinder engine, thus adding better fuel economy and reliability to the new class of locomotives

Info from Q Station.  Follow this link  for more information


Glacier 1975



WB on Donner Pass


EB on Donner



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