The author - a short bio and stuff

updated 6-15-2011

Hi,   As you might have gathered from the main page, my name is Chuck Donaldson and I have the good fortune to live part of the year in the Great Pacific Northwest and part of the year in Tucson,AZ.  After graduating from Cal Berkeley (65 Forestry), spending 26 interesting  years in the US Army and 16 years as an environmental manager for Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, my wife and I hung it up and decided to enjoy life unbothered by work.

My family and I managed to live in Europe (a lot), SE Asia (some) and even spent a few years in the USA.  The highlight of the whole deal was commanding a Tank Battalion (4-40 Armor) for a couple of years at Fort Carson, Colorado.


  Why, you might ask is there a small SCUBA flag on the main page?  It provides an explanation for the less frequent updates that have occurred recently.  In 2002, in honor of my 60th, I decided to learn how to dive.  204 dives later I have concluded that it is great fun.....and it seldom takes place where trains are available to be viewed.  For those who might be interested or have even thought about it, I recommend a visit to your local dive shop.  You will meet a whole group of people who are just as strange as railfans and even a bit more fun on occasion.

Just in case you wondered, see below for me in my natural habitat.


Tehachapi, Memorial Day 2001


Costa Rica & Panama 2009


Antonito, Colorado 2009




Abo Canyon - 1999

Hood Canal, Washington 3 October 2004

Coffin  Butte Landfill, Corvallis, Oregon

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